Paris Street Style

paris7.jpg picture by jojogyaparis6.jpg picture by jojogyaparis5.jpg picture by jojogyaparis4.jpg picture by jojogyaparis2.jpg picture by jojogyaparis3.jpg picture by jojogyaparis8.jpg picture by jojogyaParis1.jpg picture by jojogya
While I was in Paris I took the time to do some street style photography because I don't get to go there very often. As you all know I study fashion design and I have opted for the womenswear pathway but I feel more interested into menswear clothing and style. Argh! Silly me! Anyways men in Paris definitely have swagga; sleek and sophisticated with a mix of HipHop. I've also noticed that most of them carry massive handbags, even bigger than the ones I possess. Am just wondering what they put in there?!

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