She's dead!
Source: Google images
My Lovely DSLR camera is not functioning anymore. I've been very sad day for the past few days..... I’ve had so many plans for us. This summer was going to be full of excitements and novelties. Visits of new places and experiences of new cultures..... but now I can only use my own photographic memory to reminisce about what could have may been. Last week was my last exam and instead of feeling joyous and free I felt triste and devastated. She meant the world to me and was everything to my eyes. This crack has infected her abilities and her joie the vivre; she is now laid there like a cadaver. I can't even look at her anymore! ......
Well well my dear readers you may have to wait for a while before seeing some good quality photography again.
(The camera was a gift from my dear Mr. X-bf which means I have no receipt ... + I can't afford repairs)


  1. Oh it s so sad!!!!!!!but don t worry time heal everything and u ll also get some money to buy another1!!!4SHO!..or at least there re a lot of nice digital cameras out there!;)(Even though the quality s not the same)

  2. The same happened to me!!! cept x-bf. Get another bf to buy u an even better one! like ur blogs! ;D

  3. Hahaha! Yea a new bf would be cool! Oh well life goes...

  4. Haaaaa yes and ur a beautiful girl so that s not a problem 4 u.....!!!! I still don t get why u dont try to become a photomodel??!!!(like go in an agency get a portfolio go casting...ok im done=)

  5. Oooh thanks! Well Ive done a few things here and there but nothing too special. I will give it a go sometimes this summer.