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I'm currently back in Milan running from left to right to prepare for a photoshoot and yesterday I have had the honour to meet Luca Larenza; a knitwear designer based in Milan who gave me a minute of his time to view his AW14 collection in his showroom located in via Manzoni. I really admire his work as there is a great attention to details, timeless pieces yet elegant, in voluminous proportions where the selection of the yarn and texture is at the fore without loosing its modern feel. He confessed that he did not like black which is why the palette is deep with warm and rich colour tones; from yellow mustard, brown mélange to bordeaux. He has many plans for the expansion of his brand and currently promotes the 'Made in Italy' quality to other trendy savvy customers based in Tokyo. 
This meeting brought up nostalgia; I find making knitwear such a tricky process, whilst studying Fashion Design at university I attended a compulsory knitting course which I was so excited about. As I did not have a nana around to help me out I had to rely on a mountain of borrowed books from the library just to get the basics right. Staying up all night knitting a stockinette stitch was a proud achievement of mine. When I brought my sample in class my tutor was appalled at the sight of my work because I had (somehow) managed to interlock strands of my hair ... yeah, total nightmare! ...anyways; it is the only course I failed, but because it was my 1st year it did not count. Ouff!

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