Get up, Dress up & Show up | Aleksandar Vico by Domenico Petralia | Fashionisto Exclusive

Source: Fashionisto
Team: Ph: Domenico Petralia | Styling: Myself | Grooming: Fatjon Kacorri | Production: Hi-Location + Passepartout 4u Aleksandar Vico @ Urban Management Milano
For this editorial we wanted to convey one of those typical Mondays many of us despise with a passion. I love shooting in studio but being on location is more challenging. As a team we have to be performant but the photographer has a heavier burden as he has to be conscious of the daylight at all times... but I suppose that a dose of stress and pressure is a good thing according to Kelly McGonigal (Health psychologist/ TED Speaker). 
Click on the link above to check out the editorial.

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