Cereal Magazine | Travel & Lifestyle | VOL.8

Source: Cereal
Travel & Lifestyle magazines never caught my attention until recently. When my eyes laid upon this publication I was intrigued by the simplicity of the cover. I flicked through few pages and instantly loved the clean layout as well as the feel and thickness of the uncoated paper. Filled with short and concise articles alongside beautiful imagery, I was no longer apprehensive about this genre of publication. 
Cereal magazine has the power to intensely draw you into each article regardless of the topic. I found myself reading Volume 8 in a noisy environment but yet felt transported into another location, so immersed that the background chatter gradually dissipated. For a minute, I was there....  my adventurous mind was miles away, in this brief moment I felt at peace. When I finished reading the chapter about Yukon, Canada I was left with a smille on my face. A smile of temporary satisfaction which suddenly rose my level of happiness. 
Cereal magazine has that effect on you. 

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