Fabienne Verdier | French Painter | Palazzo Torlonia (2010)

Image Source: fabienneverdier.com | atelierlog.blogspot.co.uk

Some of you might see this artwork as splashes of paint but it means so much more once you learn about Fabienne Verdier's journey to master Chinese ink techniques. After graduating from L' École des Beaux-arts of Toulouse, she travelled to China to study ancient art. Huang Yuan, a calligraphy Master initiated her to Taoism, taught her how to forget western values and the fundamentals of art so that she could reinvent herself and be in a fit state of mind to practice Chinese calligraphy; an abstract art form of writing with an essence rooted from nature. What she thought would be a short escapade turned out to be a 10 years stay in the mountainous region of Chongqing.
The Palazzo Torlonia piece was produced on a 407 x 521 cm canvas, a vast space that would allow enough room for improvisation. However nothing was left to chance, her idea had been thoroughly researched and sketched as segmented designs. On the surface she carefully planned the direction of her strokes and minutely redefine lines and points which represent embodied features of spirits she perceived in nature.
Fabienne Verdier confections her own tools and brushes. Made out of horsetails, a brush can weight up to 100 kilos once dipped into paint and yet she still exerts precise, balanced and controlled movements. As she rests her body on the brush and sways, she is becoming one with the tool, connecting her mind to her body and projecting her strokes. She applies pressure on certain angles and elevate the brush to refine edges and contours, there is this constant play with gravity that appears harmonious when looked from above. 
Fabienne Verdier's calligraphy works developed into a unique style, something more abstract and evocative, splashes of paint that not only reflect her Chinese heritage but the wisdom of her late Master. 


Céline Pre-Fall 2015 | Christian Dior AW15-16 | Christopher Kane AW15-16

Source: Collage my own | Images: Vogue.co.uk

It is barely Summer and I am eager for fall collections to hit retail stores. These Autumn Winter collections are a few of my favourites. 
Throughout the last seasons the brand Céline has proven to be more playful and stepped away from the strict minimalist aesthetic once enforced. The silhouette is still relaxed and refined as there is the right amount of smartness and femininity. Phoebe Philo has created the perfect balance by pairing up A-line boxy shirts and coats with maroon culottes and cropped frayed trousers. The sleeveless chunky mohair with the tie-side asymmetric top is genius not forgetting the khaki green wool felt pieces which come as a split coat and strappy dress with a draped layer.
The Dior woman conceived by Raf Simons is playful, elegant and almost sassy. Psychedelic abstract animal patterns on dresses and bodysuits were toned down under masculine tailored outerwear proportions or paired with fox furs dyed in shades of green, yellow and red. Bags were confectioned in exotic skins and matched with skin tight vinyl lucite heels boots which revived the collection and gave it a new sex appeal. 
Christopher Kane has put a variety of looks stemmed from past collections and assorted it all in one. His take on the black smoking suit is elegant and detailed with bright velvet lapels, perfect for a woman in power and in touch with her sensuality. The collection progresses towards delicate ruffled silk frocks and 'ménage a trois' embroidered designs on swiss lace. Jewelled zigzag motifs were also translated in prints and as appliqué on delicate fabrics. 


Cereal Magazine | Travel & Lifestyle | VOL.8

Source: Cereal
Travel & Lifestyle magazines never caught my attention until recently. When my eyes laid upon this publication I was intrigued by the simplicity of the cover. I flicked through few pages and instantly loved the clean layout as well as the feel and thickness of the uncoated paper. Filled with short and concise articles alongside beautiful imagery, I was no longer apprehensive about this genre of publication. 
Cereal magazine has the power to intensely draw you into each article regardless of the topic. I found myself reading Volume 8 in a noisy environment but yet felt transported into another location, so immersed that the background chatter gradually dissipated. For a minute, I was there....  my adventurous mind was miles away, in this brief moment I felt at peace. When I finished reading the chapter about Yukon, Canada I was left with a smille on my face. A smile of temporary satisfaction which suddenly rose my level of happiness. 
Cereal magazine has that effect on you. 


PRADA | Resort 2015 | Advertising Campaign

Source: Vogue.it Gordon Von Steiner
Season after season Prada brings out an element of creativity which always stands out and makes it hard to predict their future direction. Prada's eclectic style can be defined as an amalgam of bespoke fabrics and the use of understated decorative motifs with a 70's vibe. The cast seem younger compared to previous advertising campaigns but Moya Mardy's beauty definitely caught my attention. The video beautifully captured the strongest looks of the collection and the bold topstitching details. In overall Prada always succeeds in creating that total impact in terms of delivering original quality products and visuals.


Visiting Ghana

Source: my own
I must apologise for the 2+ months of silence, I needed a break and went to Ghana, the country I am originally from. Being born and raised in Europe has affected my interest in my roots but as I grew older I became eager to learn about my heritage and the history of my ancestors. My uncle contributed towards the development of Biochemistry, another owns an established chocolate factory and another has founded a private school. I wish that one day I could achieve something great too, I am quite a modest person but the education I have received in France and England has proven to be useful as I was able to give back to the community I visited. I felt like I had a purpose and this feeling brought me so much joy and a sense of fulfilment. Ghanaians are so kind, friendly, hardworking, welcoming and supportive; even if they don't have much, they will still help those who have less. Many have misconceptions of Africa, but Ghana is wonderful place and the type of poverty you see advertised on TV is not the poverty you encounter there. I must admit that the 'health situation' in west Africa is spiralling out of control but hopefully will soon be contained. 
One thing I was taken aback by is the ageing process of Africans; it is almost impossible to guess someone's age. My grandma will be 80 years old soon but looks 45 and has no wrinkles. She is very active and eats foods free from additives. I hope to look as youthful as she does when I get older.
Everyday was like an adventure, so much of an adventure that I almost died of a truck collision at some point, my life did not flash before my eyes but everything happened in slow motion and all I thought was 'sh*t! I didn't write my will'.


Athur Gosse

Source: Courtesy of Nancy Adjei 
How handsome is Arthur! Are you sat there starring too ... drowning in his blue-green eyes? Chapeau to Nancy for taking this mesmerising picture.


COS Wish List | AW14

Source: COS | Long Wool Blazer £125.00| A-Line leather Jacket £290.00| Crossover Wool Coat £150.00
Window shopping can be such a torture, I have tried all these outerwear pieces in store and they fit perfectly.