Visiting Ghana

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I must apologise for the 2+ months of silence, I needed a break and went to Ghana, the country I am originally from. Being born and raised in Europe has affected my interest in my roots but as I grew older I became eager to learn about my heritage and the history of my ancestors. My uncle contributed towards the development of Biochemistry, another owns an established chocolate factory and another has founded a private school. I wish that one day I could achieve something great too, I am quite a modest person but the education I have received in France and England has proven to be useful as I was able to give back to the community I visited. I felt like I had a purpose and this feeling brought me so much joy and a sense of fulfilment. Ghanaians are so kind, friendly, hardworking, welcoming and supportive; even if they don't have much, they will still help those who have less. Many have misconceptions of Africa, but Ghana is wonderful place and the type of poverty you see advertised on TV is not the poverty you encounter there. I must admit that the 'health situation' in west Africa is spiralling out of control but hopefully will soon be contained. 
One thing I was taken aback by is the ageing process of Africans; it is almost impossible to guess someone's age. My grandma will be 80 years old soon but looks 45 and has no wrinkles. She is very active and eats foods free from additives. I hope to look as youthful as she does when I get older.
Everyday was like an adventure, so much of an adventure that I almost died of a truck collision at some point, my life did not flash before my eyes but everything happened in slow motion and all I thought was 'sh*t! I didn't write my will'.

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