The Cobrasnake

cobra.jpg picture by jojogya1cobrasnake3.jpg picture by jojogya1Cobrasnake2jpg.jpg picture by jojogya1Cobrasnake.jpg picture by jojogya1Cobrasnake1.jpg picture by jojogya1Cobrasnake4.jpg picture by jojogya1cobraandKarl.jpg picture by jojogya1cobra2.jpg picture by jojogya1cobra3.jpg picture by jojogya1

The cobrasnake is a famous fashion/party photographer. He is based in LA and attends the coolest events. He takes beautiful pictures of people and the atmosphere he is into. The content of his photos is interesting and simple at the same time. I look through his website weekly as a source of inspiration. I love the people, what they wear and the whole concept. He also has his own vintage shop online, with clothing his has picked whilst been on trips around the world. Amazing!
Check out his website here.

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