BETC National Diploma final collection

 IMG_0107.jpg picture by jojogya1DSC09072.jpg picture by jojogya1DSC09087.jpg picture by jojogya1DSC09125.jpg picture by jojogya1DSC09156.jpg picture by jojogya1DSC09162.jpg picture by jojogya1DSC09216.jpg picture by jojogya1DSC09236.jpg picture by jojogya1DSC09196.jpg picture by jojogya1DSC09203.jpg picture by jojogya1

This was my final collection for my BTEC ND at Bradford School of Arts&Media. The main inspiration was from machines and volume. I have used taffeta, silk, and curtain fabrics for my garments. I was really happy with my collection as my wish was to  translate my vision into this creation. On these pictures I have modelled my collection which I think could be worn for any occasions. 
The first photo was taken at the fashion, and the others were taken by my brother using my camera.


  1. C'est que c'est toujours de la balle!! Keep up the good work!

  2. i love your work.
    favorite is ruffled cream top and grey bottoms.

  3. Wow! your collection is amazing Joanna! good work!

  4. these are amazing! I love fashion too and I'm learning how to sew :) so far i've made just a couple of skirts and a dress but I'd love to work in the world of fashion someday :)
    Congratulations for your collection! It's awesome!

  5. Book ur flight and try your luck

  6. WOW Joahanna... I am speechless.. You are doing so well. I am impressed. If you need a model for your collection.. you can rely on me :) Regards, Vitalia xx