Iris Van Herpen A/W 2010
IrisVanHerpen1.jpg picture by jojogyaIrisVanHerpen2.jpg picture by jojogyaIrisVanHerpen3.jpg picture by jojogyaIrisVanHerpen4.jpg picture by jojogyaIrisVanHerpen5.jpg picture by jojogyaIrisVanHerpen6.jpg picture by jojogya
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I love designs which are completely eclectic and extravagant looking. Simplicity is transformed into something intricate and complex where shredded leather strips forms the whole garment. I like the fluidity in her designs as well as the contrast between wearable and un-wearable. The Netherlands-based designer has clearly taken inspiration from Alexander McQueen and Victor& Rolph. I believe that her creative work has taken fashion to a whole new level where her artistic mind revolutionises the unconventional.

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  1. Oh my stars!!! This is beautiful! Can these masterpieces have a moment in the spotlight!... NOW please! Cate Blanchett or Chanel Iman need to be wearing this... Amazing work!...