It's on the way!

Remember when I've said that my goal for 2010 was to create a capsule collection, well it's in the making now. At university I have learnt how to design for different brands; from high street to high end and designers but when it comes to do your own stuff it's different.
There are so many different styles I like and type of embellishments I would love to use, but including them all would just come up to some undefined craziness.

I have opted for clothes that I would wear or buy; something minimal and simple. The silhouette will be fitted but there will also be voluminous soft shapes. I don't have much time to complete all; I only have 7days (>35hours) to use the university's facilities.

I have to make toiles for each outfit (4 in total) and will probably have to adjust my patterns as I go along. Then I will purchase my chosen fabrics and sew it all again.
If everything goes well  and according to my plan then it should be a great success!

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