Mezz 07/05/10
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Uni is now finished so I went out last friday with the fashion girls from my year. We've had a real good time! ... I've still got 3 more exams coming up so no time to relax!


  1. Joanna, my day has been made with these! I love the last one of you, you look stunning x

  2. Thanx Jazz! It was so fun! I can't wait for our next night out!

  3. hi! i really love whoever is wearing those black pants with an orange belt!!! do you know where they are from by any chance?

  4. Yep! Amy is wearing the "Disco Shorts" from American Apparel(but there is also a pants version). She was wearing tights underneath. You can buy them online @ http://store.americanapparel.co.uk/rsaah300.html?c=Black