Hopes & Dreams

Source: photo by Domenico Petralia (me preparing the styling for a photoshoot overnight)
We all have 
hopes and dreams especially whilst we are undergoing studies, may it be at college or university, a time when we think the impossible is achievable and that the future will be as bright as we imagine it to be. Once we step out of education into the real world the shield that protected us from all fears slowly disintegrate to make us feel the pain and stress of what life is really like; and it isn't always pink. Many get to do what they want as soon as they graduate and others get misrouted, lose faith due to a serious dose of rejection, get stuck in a limbo or undergo unforeseen circumstances. Time suddenly goes faster and life becomes monotone and it does not matter what we do as long as we can manage survive. Life is not easy but only self motivation and belief will get you to where you really want to be. 

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